When the weather guy blogs

When the weather guy blogs: One of the things I love about Nashville is that it’s just far enough north to get a snowfall a couple times each winter (or as I say, “Just enough snow for people to believe they can drive in it but not enough for them to actually know how.”) I guess because I grew up where it never snowed, I’m still awed by it.

However, snow is still the exception here. And usually (at least in my memory) it’s more likely to snow in late January and early February than in December. In other words, it snows here on Christmas about as often as Vanderbilt beats the University of Tennessee in football. So that means, we’re due.

Personally, I don’t hold out much hope that this will be the year it snows on Christmas, but, still, when did that stop people from talking about the weather. This afternoon, one of WKRN’s meteorologists, Davis Nolan, made a post on the station’s weather weblog, NashvilleWX.com that displays not only how hard it is to predict snow three days out, but also how a weblog can be used to provide a deeper discussion and examination of a specific story.

Bottom line on the prediction, however: It definitely may, or may not, snow on Christmas.

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