Custom minipublishing

Custom minipublishing: While I doubt it will change the media landscape, I’m always happy to see someone innovate a new way to distribute a custom magazine. The website is reporting a new idea called the “on-product magazine.”


“The idea was to create a small…magazine which fits onto a fast moving consumer product and distribute via grocery rather than traditional magazine channels. Joanna’s idea is now patented and will launch in January as the first on-product magazine – a bottled water aimed at the female market with iLove magazine attached and will be joined in Q2 by a magazine for children and a magazine aimed at men on Iced Coffee. Distribution will be focused through convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations, significantly differentiating the products that carry them and offering advertisers a circulation far in excess of magazines sold through traditional magazine distribution channels. By March, iLove magazine will be the largest circulation magazine in Australia and the company has global aspirations, holding patents for on-product magazines attached to all common food packaging formats.”

While the “patent” part of this sounds a bit far-reaching and the hype-factor a bit over-the-top, I like the concept.

(Sidenote: The first time I clicked onto the Gizmag story, it displayed a Hammock Publishing adsense ad, the first time I’ve seen one other than on a Google results page. Here’s a screen shot.)

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