Tampa Airport, I salute you

Tampa Airport, I salute you*: TPA, the airport serving the Tampa Bay area does what all airports should do: They provide free wireless connectivity to the Internet for passengers using the airport. They are wise and considerate to do that. On the other hand, Nashville’s Airport (BNA) still wants to make $7 each from passenger who desires to use his or her computer while passing through there. BNA provides free air-conditioning. It provides free access to restrooms. I think it’s time they join this list of enlightened airports who do the same for wifi.

*Part of a continuing series. Whenever passing through an enlightened airport offering free access to the Internet for its customers, I salute it.

Update: Want to help me build a directory of airports with free wifi? I’ve added one to smallbusiness.com. If you run across an airport that needs to be added, please feel free to do so.

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8 thoughts on “Tampa Airport, I salute you

  1. Add Las Vegas (McCarran) airport to the list! I’m still trying to figure out why Seattle doesn’t (not even a T-Mobile Hotspot). And in this day and age, can you really call yourself the busiest airport (hello O’Hare? Atlanta?) without free wireless?

  2. PDX (Portland, Oregon) has free WiFi all over, has for more than a year. I use it every time I fly outa here.

  3. Hotlanta you have to pay (it’s the boingo service) for a 2-day pass or for the month. There’s one secured network in spots.

    Charlottle has *no* public wifi, but there are two secured networks.

    Columbus, OH has *free* wifi… all you have to do is agree to their terms, so be careful which page you visit first because it will become cached as the airport’s page. Good speed!!!

  4. While I would love to see free wireless at BNA or any other airport I encounter, one explanation as to why it seems only smaller airports offer WiFi is bandwidth costs. I have been to the Tyler Airport, all one gate of it, and I imagine they just have an access point or two and a DSL or cable line- $200 setup and $50/month? That being said, the fact that O’Hare or ATL would require expensive well planned robust networks with lots more upstream bandwidth is still no excuse – still a drop in the bucket of their overall budgets.

  5. One other thing. If we are going to be forced to hop everywhere we go. All of the major airline hubs (MIN, ATL, DFW…) need to provide waiting passengers with this service. It is totally crazy to pay 7,9,or more dollars to keep up with the days business.

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