Vacation blogging

Vacation blogging: What Jeremy Hermanns is blogging about is not what you want to be blogging about during a vacation. However, it’s incredible that he survived to do so.


“And as the oxygen masks deployed from the ceiling in a familiar, video-esque manner, we all grasped them in fear – trying to figure out how to breathe through the flimsy pieces of plastic. Parents were the most confused – as the masks were too large for their babies’ faces and were not easy to put on in such a panicked situation. The next few minutes passed like seconds – the plane started diving down to a lower level … and fast.”

(via: Jeff Jarvis)

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3 thoughts on “Vacation blogging

  1. Another quote from Jeremy: “The enraging fact is that a non-union baggage handler ran into the side of the plane moments prior to take-off … and that it was never reported.”

    See, now there is an argument for unionized baggage handlers if I ever heard one. Where oh where is Joe Hill <> when we really need him…

  2. I didn’t quite get the relevance of the unionized vs. non-unionized baggage handler. So is a unionized baggage handler required to report running into the side of a plane and a non-unionized handler not? Whatever.

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