Search Flickr by drawing what you’re looking for

Search Flickr by drawing what you’re looking for: Man, there are some clever people out there. Retrievr is a search engine that searches Flickr for things you draw in a little Flash(?) box. It appears to work best for big swaths of color and general compositional elements. However, I consider it one of those early-stage fun things where you look at it and say, gee, isn’t that clever but what’s it good for? And then, one day you realize it’s not a goofy time-wasting toy but a way to solve crimes and find missing children, or whatever. I agree with search guru Tara Calishain, who says it doesn’t work that good, but it’s still a fun toy. However, I think with a few enhancements, and with the ability to search over more than just Flickr, who knows?

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