Logan Airport, I don’t salute you

Logan Airport, I don’t salute you: From Boston.com:

Soon after activating its own $8-a-day WiFi service in the summer of 2004, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan, ordered Continental and American Airlines to shut down WiFi services in their Logan lounges. Massport also ordered Delta Air Lines Inc. not to turn on a planned WiFi service in its new $500 million Terminal A that opened last March.

Obviously, Logan is not going to make it onto my list of airports with free wifi.

Most bizarre quote of the day goes to a lawyer representing Dulles Airport:

“Airports are too complex an environment, Ames said, to allow totally uncontrolled wireless services. ”Allowing individual users free rein can make it impossible for others — including the airport — to operate effectively,” Ames said in a recent letter to the FCC, adding: ”Chaos is not a practical solution.”

Mr. Ames, it’s not “free rein” that passengers want. It’s free wifi. What’s chaotic about that?

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Font police

Font police: I don’t know about you, but I sleep better at night knowing there are people out there looking for inappropriate use of Helvetica type.

Update: Fontgate? (Thanks, Hugh) Also, in the original NY Times article, the following quote is included:

“I thought they did a really good job with the type in (King Kong) – making the signs and printed things really authentic.”

Huh? Can you use “authentic” to describe anything about King Kong? If so, I saw King Kong last night and was impressed by how really authentic the giant ape vs. dinosaur fight was. I also thought it was really authentic what Naomi Watts was wearing in the middle of a snow storm.

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Terarumor: I use .Mac to store photos I use on the rexblog. However, my back-up and other server needs far out-strip their offering. It sounds like Apple may be bumping up the space available (clarification: the rumor regards the amount of data one can transfer per month) to .Mac users. At least that’s what the professional Mac rumorists are rumoring.  With a terabyte of storage (transfer) available, one could also envision server-side TiVo-like features — however, that’s just a thought, not even a rumor.

Update: Om Malik: “The increase in bandwidth for transfer perhaps has been inspired by
people wanting to back-up their videos (purchased at iTunes store) or
perhaps this is the beginning of something new: like an online PVR?”

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Why the media can’t get Wikipedia right

What David Weinberger said: “Why the media can’t get Wikipedia right”. My favorite part: “The anti-executive-summary: Things this piece does not say.” If you’ve ever posted something and later found someone linking to you claiming you said the opposite of what you posted, you’ll know why that’s my favorite part.

Dave Winer doesn’t share David Weinberger’s enthusiasm for Wikipedia, and, frankly, the battles that have taken place over any entry related to Dave make it easy to understand why he’s not a big fan.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week working on a wiki I created for small business owners and managers  (SmallbusinessWiki [any of the following URLs will get you there: wiki.smallbusiness.com, SmallbusinessWiki.com or sbwiki.com]). (What did you do on your vacation?) I am gaining a deeper appreciation of the wiki platform and culture — good (mostly) and bad. I’ll be blogging more about what I’m learning.

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