Why the media can’t get Wikipedia right

What David Weinberger said: “Why the media can’t get Wikipedia right”. My favorite part: “The anti-executive-summary: Things this piece does not say.” If you’ve ever posted something and later found someone linking to you claiming you said the opposite of what you posted, you’ll know why that’s my favorite part.

Dave Winer doesn’t share David Weinberger’s enthusiasm for Wikipedia, and, frankly, the battles that have taken place over any entry related to Dave make it easy to understand why he’s not a big fan.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past week working on a wiki I created for small business owners and managers  (SmallbusinessWiki [any of the following URLs will get you there: wiki.smallbusiness.com, SmallbusinessWiki.com or sbwiki.com]). (What did you do on your vacation?) I am gaining a deeper appreciation of the wiki platform and culture — good (mostly) and bad. I’ll be blogging more about what I’m learning.

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