Logan Airport, I don’t salute you

Logan Airport, I don’t salute you: From Boston.com:

Soon after activating its own $8-a-day WiFi service in the summer of 2004, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which runs Logan, ordered Continental and American Airlines to shut down WiFi services in their Logan lounges. Massport also ordered Delta Air Lines Inc. not to turn on a planned WiFi service in its new $500 million Terminal A that opened last March.

Obviously, Logan is not going to make it onto my list of airports with free wifi.

Most bizarre quote of the day goes to a lawyer representing Dulles Airport:

“Airports are too complex an environment, Ames said, to allow totally uncontrolled wireless services. ”Allowing individual users free rein can make it impossible for others — including the airport — to operate effectively,” Ames said in a recent letter to the FCC, adding: ”Chaos is not a practical solution.”

Mr. Ames, it’s not “free rein” that passengers want. It’s free wifi. What’s chaotic about that?

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