Rose Bowl team

Rose Bowl team: As I don’t really have “a team” to cheer for in tonight’s Rose Bowl game, I’ve decided to be a fan-for-the-night of the University of Texas in honor of Cole Huggins, diehard UT fan, regular rexblog reader and the person (along with his wife, Summer) who made sure I got to the Salt Lick Restaurant when I finally made it to Austin last year. So, Hook ’em Horns.

Note to USC fans: As my success as a football fan has hit a rocky patch, this decision on my part may have just cinched it for the Trojans.

On a side note, kudos to those Rose Bowl old-school purists for being the only major bowl not to sell-out in some [your-brand-here-bowl] naming rights deal. They only sold-out the [presented-by-your-brand-here] way. (By the way, some places on the Rose Bowl site, they use logos with the presented-by line and other places, without it.)

Post-game update: Geez. I didn’t jinx them. Vince Young would look good in a Titans uniform, by the way. No doubt, one of the best “championship” college bowl games I can recall.  [But why are they singing, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad?” ; – ) ]

5 thoughts on “Rose Bowl team

  1. Wow. I can’t thank the Rexblog enough for its support! Very cool. Slow down on that Vince-in-a-Titans-uniform talk though. We need VY for one more year so we can repeat. Hook ’em!!!

  2. We want Vince Young to stay at Texas one more year – to finish his education of course. That, and because the Titans are more likely to be getting first or second round draft pick next year.

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