I guess that explains my problem

I guess that explains my problem: (From microsoft.com/smallbusiness [update: fixed link]):

David A. Owens, clinical professor of management at Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management (says the way you write e-mails) provides a window into your workplace status, work habits, stress levels, even your personality, he says….Owens is an organizational behavior guru who can analyze an anonymous piece of e-mail and tell you the sender’s likely corporate rank and seniority level….”Higher status” managerial e-mails have a level of formality, tone and lack of detail that is less apparent at mid-management levels and below, he says. Cheesy quotes, smiley faces and joke mails are more prevalent at lower management levels, where correspondence is more task-based and e-mailers allow themselves to let off steam.

Duh??? ;-{0

By the way, since I’m married to a graduate of that fine school of management and I know that some of the regular readers of this weblog are current students or alumni of that fine institution, I will refrain from any cheesy quotes or jokes about someone who believes reading someone’s e-mail provides a window into anything other than what the e-mail says. I’d just be letting off steam, anyway…and that’s so “task-based” and lower management.

3 thoughts on “I guess that explains my problem

  1. doh!!! sorry about the double post. we aren’t taught how to use our web browsers correctly until the second year at Owen.

  2. Well I don’t know what to think my own emails say about me now. I never _used_ to use smileys or exclamation points but now I do, like in the past year. Does that mean I have fallen down the corporate ladder in my own mind?? (Note double question mark, surely a bad sign.) Will try to be gruffer and less emotive in future emails. Am only consoled by fact that still hate cheesy quotes.

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