Get ready for this story, football fans

Get ready for this story, football fans: It’s the last sentence in this Tennessean sports column by Joe Biddle: “Young is a protégé of Titans quarterback Steve McNair. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Young becomes the one who replaces McNair?” Here’s a story from last June that explains the protégé angle. The Titans have the number three pick in the draft and if when Young decides to turn pro, well, it’s enough of a possibility to launch a thousand columns during the next couple of months.

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3 thoughts on “Get ready for this story, football fans

  1. Hey both your links are going to the same article. And I want to read the one from last June!! Now, I would NEVER advocate someone leaving college early. After all, I went to Vandy, home of one of the best graduation rates in all NCAA sports. However, should Young make such a terrible mistake, I think the Titans would be stupid not to draft him.

  2. Well, it looks like you Tennesseans might get your wish. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Vince declared for the draft this afternoon. Word around these parts is that the Texans are taking Reggie Bush come hell or high water. The “experts” all seem to agree that the Saints will take Leinart with the second pick leaving VY sitting there for the Titans. Interesting…

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