Over predicting

Over predicting: Think Secret has a tradition of recapping its Macworld predictions. This year, they seem to have over-predicted and under-delivered. Then, again, if Apple had announced everything that has been rumored (by Think Secret and others), the keynote would still be rolling. For those who have asked (and it’s weird how many have), I do not have a MacBook Pro ordered. And, for the record, I find the product name less than inspiring (Do you want fries with that MacBook? Gee, when’d you get that MickeyB?) but Apple’s branding gurus tend to be right more times than wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Over predicting

  1. I predict the built in isight camera will cause some embarrassing moments for those who forget it’s on…

  2. Heh for real. My sister says she’s getting one in April. I’ll have to let you know about that.

  3. I suspect the MacBook name comes in part due to the marketing team at Intel, not Apple. The PowerBook name predates the PowerPC, but it still has part of a competing chip architecture name in it. Apple probably retains more control over their marketing of Intel powered products than other Intel customers. However, Intel heavily subsidizes marketing of computer manufacturers using their chips. I imagine that Apple is no exception.

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