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Nick Bradbury fan club post: On Nashville is Talking, Brittney Gilbert mentions (in addition to an inside-joke reference to how the weekend guest bloggers on NIT call me Rex “Hammond”) that she and I had dinner last night with RSS Hall of Famer Nick Bradbury and Nashville technology serial entrepreneur Ken Russell, co-founder of (among other things). We were preparing for tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon’s (4 p.m.) Blogging for Business “roundtable” hosted by the Nashville Technology Council.

Brittney says our chat got rather geeky quickly, but I promise that tomorrow night’s session is going to be, well, whatever those attending want it to be. I’ve discovered (everyday, I discover it anew) that when the topic turns to blogging and business with those who haven’t yet plunged in, then the questions can range from basic to complex — so we’re including lots of time to respond to any questions people may have.

One more thing. I want to emphasize how great it is that Nick in on the panel. Nothing against Brittney, Ken or me, but the guy worth the price of admission is Nick Bradbury.

Last month, he was included in the first AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100 of the individuals who have led in the creation of the “open media revolution” for creating the RSS newsreader FeedDemon. He also created the CSS editor, Topstyle. (Last May, both were sold to NewsGator.) Before that, he created (before most of us had heard of the Internet) the HTML editor Homesite that he sold to Allaire in 1997.

Coolest thing about Nick: If you ask him how he became a software developer, he’ll tell you that it all started with his wanting to be a cartoonist.

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  1. I attended the presentation, and wanted to thank the panelists, and Ken Russell for a valuable afternoon. I drank the Bradbury koolaid many years ago, but had never met Rex.

    By the way, I didn’t think it was at all geeky Rex, well done.


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