Top 4 things this post is going to be about

Top 5 things this post is going to be about:

1. Did I miss something? Do people link to your blog more if every post is a list of truisms?

2. I’d rather people blog in a style I don’t comprehend than not blog: Especially when it’s someone who knows a lot about a specific topic I’m interested in.

3. This will be my last post with numbers at the beginning of each sentence: Until I do it again.

4. Sorry if you don’t understand what this post is about: It’s about a new blog by someone I admire, but who I wish would drop the list thing and start talking like a human being. Or maybe that’s the way he talks all the time. “Kids, list five lessons you learned in school today.”

5. Blog posts can be lists: I like the kind of posts where people talk, however, if lists float your boat, list away.

Update: 6. I’m speechless: Thanks to Dave Winer for giving this humble post such a nice shout-out.

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9 thoughts on “Top 4 things this post is going to be about

  1. I like it. But I think it was better before you added #6. (To prove #1 still further 🙂

  2. Does Guy “blog”? He has commenting but does he ever participate? Is a blog a one-way street? What is a blog?

  3. I was in your audience tonight. Good gig! May be able to bring a bit of biz your way from my network customers.

    Surprised you publish the email addresses in comments…

  4. I enjoy Guy’s new ‘blog’ but it is starting to rub a little that most of his content is just a blogshrink from his The Art of the Start book. As the book was kind of thin (in a few ways) then in 2 months time, when he’s ‘bloglistazised’ its content, I don’t know what he is going to talk about.


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