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Nashville business blogging blogging: Jackson Miller apparently is one heckuva note taker because he kept up with stuff I was slinging out at yesterday’s “blogging for business” panel sponsored by the Nashville Tehcnology Council. For the record, my “why people blog” reasons were from this survey by AOL — thus, my comment about “politics and news” not being the reason people blog. (Obviously, politics and news are reasons, but perhaps not with the magnitude most of the public percieve.) Also, I don’t know why Brittney was so nervous. She did great.

Others who were there and blogged it:

Chris Wage
This is Smyrna (a Nick fan)

Bonus news I learned at the meeting: For years, I’ve been describing Milt Capps, who has a great e-mail newsletter, as the best blogger in Nashville who doesn’t have a blog. After the panel yesterday, Milt let me peek at something he’s about to start doing to compliment the newsletter, a weblog called “Venture Nashville.” Awesome.

Update: After the session, Dirk Plantinga started a blog. (via: Nashville is Talking.)

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  1. I did find it interesting that there was no mention of monetizing blogs.

    It was a good session though. I didn’t really add much commentary to my notes, but we have had some discussions around the office and may be adjusting our approach to business blogging.

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