An observation about Nashville blogging

An observation about Nashville blogging: The Nashville NBC affiliate, WSMV, announced they are pulling the local broadcast of the program The Book of Daniel. However, if you want to monitor the Nashville blogosphere’s reaction to the decision (positive and negative), the best way to do it is via a blog maintained by the ABC affiliate, WKRN.

Observation: If WSMV had made the longterm investment in building a relationship with the Nashville blogosophere that WKRN has, when faced with the dilemma of whether or not to pull the broadcast feed of the program, they could have had a conversation with the community before announcing the decision. They may have made the same decision, however, they wouldn’t have come off looking so clueless and arrogant. (Well, maybe clueless, but not as arrogant.)

Note: I haven’t seen the show or followed the controversy. However, I can’t imagine anything about it that could make me think WSMV should cut off the network feed. But then, I always keep an extra set of batteries for my remote.

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4 thoughts on “An observation about Nashville blogging

  1. This is the part that cracks me up — the Tennessean’s description of the show:
    “a pill-popping Episcopal priest with a gay son, a pot-dealing daughter and a philandering bishop father.”

    I guess on the surface that sounds controversial to some. On second thought it sounds like half the people I know, with some tweaks here and there to the details. ie., normal.

  2. This is the same kind of cluelessness and arrogance that prompts places like Walmart and Kroger to (often haphazardly) put little screens up in front of certain magazines, while others with similar cover content and images are fully displayed.

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