New feed added to my newsreader

New feed added to my newsreader: Just ran across this new blog, Publishing 2.0, from Scott Karp (who has a day-job at a company that publishes a 150-year-old magazine). Scott is exploring (his words), “the (rapidly) changing economics of periodical publishing, driven by the Internet, Google, blogging, the digitization of content, and a steady parade of other new technologies that are radically transforming how content is published, consumed, used, discussed, and created.” Good stuff. He has a Jarvisian style of blogging – thoughtful, thought-provoking and passionate, but occasionally, what’s that word, loquacious (okay, I plead guilty on that one, as well). I can already tell I’ll disagree with him on occasion, but I can also tell I’ll enjoy doing so. (Yes, I made it all the way through this post without saying anything negative about use of the buzz-number 2.0.)

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