Apple’s acqhire strategy is to skip the hire part

Apple’s acqhire strategy: Apparently, they just skip the “acq” part with their acqhire strategy. (From Seattle PI regarding the company Delicious Monster):

“Another complication came last year, when Apple hired away Delicious Monster’s other co-founder, Mike Matas. Although he’s only 19, Matas has developed a reputation in the industry as a top-notch interface designer….Apple’s hiring of Matas was an implicit compliment to Delicious Library, but Shipley says that he misses the back-and-forth process of collaborating with his former business partner. What’s more, Apple also hired Delicious Monster programmer Tim Omernick last year….’I got a little gun-shy about going down to Apple,’ Shipley said with a laugh. ‘They hired away both of my guys.'”

“He said with a laugh?” I wonder why.

Background: Definition of acqhire. Also: Yahoo’s acqhire strategy. Google’s acqhire strategy.

(via: tech.memorandum)

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