Google Earth awe

Google Earth awe: I agree with Doc Searls who says this about Google Earth: “Google Earth gets my vote for the Best Program Ever.” I downloaded the newly available Mac version yesterday and I’ve been in awe ever since.

I’ll admit, however, it can be a very disconcerting (eery?) the first time you “fly down” to your address and see your car parked outside.

Bonus links: A very cool Google Earth weblog: Ogleearth. (There are many more.) And here’s a a Google Earth Privacy and Security roundup on a blog called “The Map Room.”

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3 thoughts on “Google Earth awe

  1. all I saw was a blur and my address and the coordinates did not agree. somewhat disappointing.

  2. I guess Google decided Gallatin was such a high security risk that it needed to blur out the details. I was very disappointing not to be able to view your barn’s roof.

  3. Me too, we had the roof painted a couple years back and I was hoping to check how it was doing.

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