Only a 24 addict can understand my trauma

Only a 24 addict can understand my trauma: The power went out in my neighborhood tonight — exactly at 8:30 p.m. (or, 8:30 a.m. 24 time ) right as Curtis is about to lead an assault on the airport terminal where Jack Bauer and 60 regular American citizens are being held hostage. How could this happen? The President is about to sign a treaty and hostages are about to shoot Dereck and THE POWER GOES OUT! No cable, no DVR, nothing. My wife asks, “Can you download it on iTunes?” (Then what good is it? she asks as I respond.) Thank goodness my Powerbook has two hours of battery left (which means about an hour-and-a-half). I remember that Dave Barry ISN’T blogging tonight! An hour later, the power comes back on. Fortunately, lots of folks blogged the episode, including some Dave Barryesque versions.

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3 thoughts on “Only a 24 addict can understand my trauma

  1. Did the power not go out at 9:30 in 24 time? I’ve seen from 0700-0900 and Jack was only getting captured at 0900.

  2. Dude! I got linked!

    Sorry. First expression of joy of the day. I’m a bit rusty.

    Thanks for the link! I got stuck in Montana (living in Chicago, but have family in MT) for the 24 premiere. My dad had heart surgery…blah blah blah…so I’m here. But when Sunday’s episode debuted I realized that had I BEEN in Chicago, I would’ve missed the first 10-15 minutes of the FIRST episode because of the Bears game running long.

    Thus proving that even open heart surgery is just sometimes meant to be.

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