Custom publishing update (and a message from our sponsor)

Custom publishing update (and a message from our sponsor): (Note: this post is about friends – competitors, yes, but friends.) Congratulations to the Magazine Group and National Geographic for forming a new entity, dubbed GeoGroup Media, to “blend their core assets in an alliance to produce communication vehicles that emphasize and promote corporate social responsibility.”

“We don’t have a custom publishing unit, and we weren’t we weren’t ready to embark on creating one,” said (Stephen Giannetti, VP, group publisher, National Geographic Magazines). “I just didn’t think it was the right thing to do–to hire a whole bunch of people to start something new. I thought it was best to find a partner where we could meld the assets of the National Geographic Society with the back end operations of an agile custom publishing company.”

I think this is a great idea. In fact, for other traditional publishers who would like to offer custom publishing but “don’t have a custom publishing unit” and don’t want to “embark on creating one,” here’s an idea. Contact me ( I have just the solution for you.

Note: For the record. I think you’ve just seen the most overt business pitch ever made on this weblog.

(via: MediaPost.)

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