The college of new mistakes

The college of new mistakes: Dan Gillmor wrote the book (the first book, at least) on citizens journalism. He left his high-profile and influential position as technology writer for Silicon Valley’s hometown paper to create a new type of citizen-journalist medium. Today, he shares his thoughts on lessons about citizens journalism from the “new mistakes” he’s experienced in the past year. A must read.

My favorite:

“If you don’t already have a thick skin, grow one.”

Dan’s post also includes some frank observations about what he’s learned about himself after a year of starting a new business venture. Reading it — as a small business owner who has succeeded and failed — I admire his willingness to share some of his innermost thoughts.

My only caution: When the results aren’t what you anticipated (or, in the time-frame you expected it), it’s natural to blame ones self and think (in Dan’s words), “As an entrepreneur, let’s just say I wasn’t in my element.” However, as there are “new mistakes,” there are always new entrepreneurial opportunities that next time ’round, may prove to Dan that his element has lots to do with the ever-changing context we find ourselves journeying through.

Thanks, Dan, for what you’ve started and congratulations on what you will contribute in your new role in academia.

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  1. I love the term “citizen journalist.” Makes me think of the French and Bolshevik revolutions.

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