The blog did it with a rifle

The blog did it with a rifle: So I’m sitting here catching up on RSS feeds while my wife is watching the DVR’d CSI Miami from last night. The CSI team is focusing their investigation on a weblog, “”…” So I have a blog, what’s that prove?” says a young woman. “Bloggers like to hide text in the background of the messages,” says one of the CSI team members.Quote from show’s website’s episode archive:

Somewhere in the conversation, Paul’s pride reveals that there’s an in-house blog that has been slamming him lately. Ryan and Delko get the link and log on to “BlogDaze.Com/drugaddict,” which has everything you never wanted to know about the people you work with. It appears there’s a lot of sexual hanky-panky going on at Cantor Pharmaceuticals. This gives Ryan an opportunity to needle Delko about his “friends with benefits” relationship with Natalia Boa Vista. In truth, Ryan was going to ask her out, but Delko beat him to it. As they read on, they find themselves referred to in the blog–the anonymous author is posting from his or her desk.

By the way, if you go to the address of the weblog,, you’ll be re-directed to the show’s website and to a message from one of the show’s writers.


Hello, CSI: MIAMI fan. My name is Corey Miller, and I am one of the writers on the show. Your curiosity brought you here, I imagine, to see if we ruined someone’s life by putting their personal web address on our show for millions to see.