Mark Oldham is blogging

Mark Oldham is blogging: Mark is a Nashville friend of mine — a business owner, civic leader and (we’ll forgive him) University of Tennessee sports fanatic. A few years ago, he was the first “civilian” to come up to me in the real world and tell me he read this weblog. In my quest to get more Nashville business owners blogging, every time I see him, I encourage him to plunge in. Well, he has. And, not surprisingly, he used an orange-color template. In addition to his business-related posts, I predict one day, he’ll be a must-read for anyone who follows sports at that school in Knoxville.

One thought on “Mark Oldham is blogging

  1. rex, thanks for the plug…and thanks for the overly glowing and irresponsibly glittering booya about me. Seriously, you da man, you are the Godfather of Blogging, plus you run an incredibly succesful business–a lot of people, dare I say, thousands of folks– look up to you for what you have accomplished, both within and without the blogging community–keep up the great work

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