Bad news, good news

Bad news, good news: That Chappy’s Seafood Restaurant will open in Nashville in March is more post-Katrina sad news for some folks, my blogger friend Shawn Lea in Mississippi says:


“On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Chappy was our Emeril way before Emeril was. He was our Paul Prudhomme. Our Justin Wilson. I can remember Chappy on new shows on the Coast cooking way before the advent of today’s 24-hour cooking shows – when chefs got five minutes or so in the afternoon news segments….If you’re in the Nashville area in March, be sure to check it out. And be sure to get the blackened prime rib in my honor – it’s my favorite!

Okay, Shawn. I volunteer to order a blackened prime rib in your honor. Also, based on your description, there will be lots more Nashville bloggers who’ll join me, no doubt.

Note: According to the Nashville Business Journal article I linked to above, Chappy’s will be located at 1721 Church St. and is expected to open March 6 in the old Carter Flooring Building, constructed in 1920. The 7,500-square-foot restaurant will be “designed to exude New Orleans charm” and will have seating for about 220. The restaurant plans to hire 50 employees.

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