Rethinking corporate communications in the Me2 Revolution

Rethinking corporate communications in the Me2 Revolution: This is a link to an essay called “Me2 Revolution” written by Richard Edelman. I am requiring all of my employees to read it. I am encouraging all of my clients to read it. You should read it also. Mr. Edelman is president and CEO of the world’s largest independent public relations firm with 1,800 employees in 40 offices worldwide. In the essay, Mr. Edleman channels Doc Searls, so for the Cluetrain crowd, it will sound very familiar. But that’s fine, because there are lots of people out there in business-land who have the title “director of corporate communications” and “director of marketing” and “CEO” who will listen to what Mr. Edelman says who may never listen to Doc, despite his brilliance.

For someone like me who has been preaching this stuff (and drinking this kool-aid) for a long time, it is nice to be able to point to someone who may be perceived as an authority within the traditional corporate communications world. Frankly, I’ve given up on being taken seriously by PR folks when I say they should allow employees to blog. From some of the reactions I get, I might as well be telling them they should allow all employees to run naked down Broadway. From a non-client I recently talked with after a seminar, I felt I had a major break-through when the person told me they may let employees have weblogs — but then added, “as long as they don’t call them weblogs.” “Uh, okay,” I said.

So forget what I’ve been saying. This is not me saying it. If you are in public relations, corporate communications, have ever been or ever hope to be; if you’re an executive or employee of a company, university, non-profit organization, trade association or other type of institution; if you are a customer of a company or a vendor to a company, read this essay by the guy who runs the “largest independent public relations firm in the world.”

He gets it.

Update: Doc Searls provides more context and humbly shares the credit with others who have long encouraged others to recognize the reality of which Richard Edelman so eloquently now writes and who is now picking up and pushing forward even more.

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