What Jack Shafer said

What Jack Shafer said: (In his Slate.com Press Box column: Not Just Another Column About Blogging: What newspaper history says about newspaper future.):

“The newspaper guild (again, reporters, editors, publishers) can’t compete by adding a few blogs here, blogging up coverage over there, and setting up “comment” sections. If newspapers, magazines, and broadcasters don’t produce spectacular news coverage no blogger can match, they have no right to survive.”

One thought on “What Jack Shafer said

  1. I just finished reading a biography of Louis B. Mayer the legendary head of MGM. Television did to the movie industry back in the 50’swhat the internet and the blogosphere are doing to the media today. What’s amazing is how history is repeating itself. The old movie moguls scoffed at television and saw it as a passing fad at best. The same thing is happening in the broadcasting industry as well. I listened to one respected broadcast owner refer to blogs and the internet as the CB radio of the 21st century. These are interesting times and it’s going to be fun to see how it unfolds.

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