Wiki tricki

Wiki tricki: Congressional staffers are editiing their bosses’ bios (sometimes rather aggressively, so), a check of IP addresses reveal. When will people realize that a click on the history of any Wikipedia page will reveal the IP addresses of the computers from which changes were made?

Two-word advice to Hill staffers: Internet cafe.

Better advice: Click on the “discussion link” of the entry and explain any changes you make and the reasons you are making them. If the reason is, “We don’t want people to know that,” then, sorry, it’s not going to work. However, if you’re trying to add to the accuracy of the entry or to provide some balance to the interpretation of a fact in the entry, you’ll be lauded as a good Wikipedian. Don’t be a spineless weasel and think you can censor the facts in your boss’s bio. But don’t be shy about entering the fray to present your argument for an entry’s accuracy.

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2 thoughts on “Wiki tricki

  1. Wow, the reporter used the word “eschew.” I am impressed. He also, imho, gave some good reasons to eschew wikis…

  2. I think it’s way past the point of being able to eschew Wikipedia (the terms “wiki” and “Wikipedia” are not synonymous, as wikis can be used by all sorts of groups for all sorts of reasons and with all sorts of restrictions on what can be added and by whom). The only choice now is to learn how to make Wikipedia work for all involved.

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