Do know evil

Do know evil: John Battelle asked the following two questions to Google and in both cases they told him, the answer is “yes”:

“1) “Given a list of search terms, can Google produce a list of people who searched for that term, identified by IP address and/or Google cookie value?” 2) “Given an IP address or Google cookie value, can Google produce a list of the terms searched by the user of that IP address or cookie value?”

Gee. I wonder who’d want that kind of information.

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The conversational part of Wikipedia most people don’t see

The conversational part of Wikipedia most people don’t see: Until I started hanging out inside Wikipedia to understand the “community” part of it, I didn’t quite “get” it. While this “talk” page on Wikipedia has been linked to by both Digg and /., I still wanted to point to it as an insightful (but extreme) example of the conversation that goes on beneath the surface of Wikipedia (all pages have a “discussion” link attached). Lots of passion and dedication by, granted, some obsessed folks. However, if the topic is not related to politics or technology, you’ll find the discourse a bit more polite and tame. (Sort of like the blogoshere.)

By the way, on Saturday, I posted a short item regarding this issue and gave some advice to those involved.

(Note: Rereading this, I thought I should explain why I “hung out” on Wikipedia: My “evenings and weekend project,”, is running on MediaWiki.).

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Time Inc. lays off broken down employees

Time Inc. lays off broken down employees: The following sentence is a direct quote from this MediaWeek article: “Broken down, 40 business-side employees and 26 non-union protected editorial staffers were let go across multiple titles…”

(Note [and pre-apologies]: I saw a bit of humor in the parsing of that sentence, but there is nothing humorous about losing ones job.)

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