Perplexing quote of the day

Perplexing quote of the day: (From the NYT story about Time Inc. layoffs)

“…we’re moving from being a magazine publishing company to a multiplatform media company, and we have to reallocate our assets. The people you need, the investments you need to make, are different if you’re going to be building Web sites and making TV shows and doing wireless deals and events and partnerships.”

Am I missing something? Is this a quote from a time-warp five-year-old press release? Wasn’t that whole AOL merger that caused a massive write-off of shareholder value about creating a multiplatform media company? Are they still using the “we’re moving from being a magazine company” as an excuse for every time they do something?

Geez. With comments like that, they’re making Carl Ichan sound smarter every day.

(more: and my earlier post.)

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