Gee, I wonder what they’ll decide

Gee, I wonder what they’ll decide: From a press release with the headline ” Newspaper, Magazine and Book Publishers Organizations to Address Search Engine Practices,” we learn the following (in the lede):

The newspaper, magazine and book publishing industries have come together to explore ways to challenge the exploitation of content by search engines without fair compensation to copyright owners.

While the organization is based in Europe, the release claims its membership includes 73 national newspaper associations, newspapers and newspaper executives in 102 countries, 11 news agencies and nine regional and world-wide press groups. (Heck, for all I know I may be a member of a member association.)

I’ve beaten this dead horse too many times to even link back, but I must point out that the “disappointing quarterly earnings” Google announced today included $799 million of advertising revenue generated through the AdSense program on “partner” sites (i.e., not on Google results pages). As most of the biggest names in media (i.e., the folks who own newspapers, magazines and book publishing) are “partners” of Google and pocket a sizable chunk of approximately 78% of that $799 million (and remember, that’s just in ONE quarter), then how can — even before they’ve met — the newspaper, magazine and book publishing industries decide they’re being exploited? Also, if I’m not mistaken, the last time I checked, Time Inc. was a fairly large magazine and book publisher that recently cut a billion dollar deal with Google. Is Time a part of this enraged group of exploited media companies?

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  1. Ahh, when greed and stupidity collide. If I were Google, or any other search engine, I would be like, “fine, we’ll take you out of our index, and if you want anyone to find your content, we have this really cool service called AdWords.”

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