Breaking “Rex” news

Rex, the Bomb Sniffing Dog

Breaking "Rex" news: I had decided to skip watching the State of the Union Address (I was going to catch the blogosphere highlights film) when I learned that "Rex the Bomb Sniffing Dog" will be sitting with the First Lady . I now have decided to watch the speech so I can blog this significant Rex-related event. Developing.

Background stories about Rex, the Bomb-sniffing Dog.

Okay, I’ve been watching this for 40 minutes and still no Rex. What gives?

Surely, we’re heading down the home stretch. Every cause, every issue, every interest has been mentioned. The President is waxing about confidence and blessing America. But still, nothing about Rex, the Bomb-Sniffing Dog. What does this say about the state of the union?

Perhaps Rex wasn’t mentioned by the President because he was busy sniffing Cindy Sheehan ?

Did anyone actually see Rex? I guess I wasn’t watching closely enough. According to Mark Memmott who blogged the speech for USA Today , Rex was supposed to be sitting two rows above the First Lady.

Perhaps the governor of Virginia will mention Rex in his response. He starts off by saying he was a missionary, but I can tell this is heading nowhere near a bomb sniffing dog.

Nick Gillespie is also asking : Have they showed the dog yet?

I’m signing off from the dog watch.

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5 thoughts on “Breaking “Rex” news

  1. I saw him. He was sitting quietly at his master’s side in the aisle. They flashed to him briefly around the time they cut to the soldier’s family behind Laura Bush.

  2. Oh you are impressive. I was watching SOTU with a dog-loving 6yo and she and I both missed it. Of course I spent a long time talking with her about the soldier’s family. She is very interested in the war.

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