New poster child for tort reform proponents

New poster child the tort reform proponents: (From AP) “A Louisiana man claims in a lawsuit that Apple’s iPod music player can cause hearing loss in people who use it….The suit, which Patterson wants certified as a class-action, seeks compensation for unspecified damages and upgrades that will make iPods safer. Patterson’s suit said he bought an iPod last year, but does not specify whether he suffered hearing loss from the device.”

Thanks, Bill Hudgins

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7 thoughts on “New poster child for tort reform proponents

  1. I suppose I could sue some automobile manufacturers for those long road trips I took in high school where friends cranked the volume up to 11. Just for good measure, I’ll could Alpine, Sony, etc. to the suite. Why not make it class action?

  2. To be sure, you’d also have to sue all the head-banger bands you listened to, kinda like suing bullet makers for gunshot torts.

  3. I think I can also sue Ford for when I used to ride around in the back of my dad’s pickup. That was definitely life-endangering.

  4. This isn’t the same person who sued McDonald’s (and won!?) because he/she spilled coffee on himself/herself, is it?

  5. That is interesting, but still… So McDonald’s knew their coffee was extremely hot for 10 years? I could say I’ve known that for 25 of my 26 years, and not because they told me by printing it on a cup. I’m sorry the woman experienced such bad injuries, and I usually don’t side with corporate america, but I don’t know that ignorance should be rewarded, either.

  6. I wouldn’t call her ignorant, if she had the savvy to find a lawyer clever enough to exploit the gap between common sense and what can be successfully litigated. Lots of examples of this – here’s one – you and I probably wouldn’t spend hours inhaling vapors from White Out to get high, but some people did and doggone, it turned out that it ruint yer brain. Sued and got a nice judgment – the bottles didn’t warn people not to do that.

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