Retrowagging: I was hoping for something a little waggier from the new weblog, ValleyWag.

February 3, 2006: (from the new weblog from Gawker media, ValleyWag: “Tony Perkins’ embarrassing web stats“): “Perkins’ new venture, AlwaysOn, has much the same lumbering style, and business model, playing to the egos of its contributors more than the curiosity of its readers. The one flaw? On the web, everything is measured, including AlwaysOn’s readership, which is miniscule, even for a site that calls itself an insiders’ network. AlwaysOn: not any dog, but a chihuahua.”

February 14, 2003: (from rexblog: “In his dreams“): “He’s also about five (20?) years too late to be considered an innovator in this arena. Slashdot is just one of thousands of long-running examples of the “ebayization” of media. What Perkins (and others) will discover is that, unlike eBay, no one will be able to “brand” and “own” networked conversational media. Perkins knows it has been around for several decades but seems intent on convincing somebody that he can “bundle it up” into a business model.”

Looking back at that three-year old post, I realize I have changed my blogging style. Today, I would never “personalize” an opinion — I’d still say the same thing, but wouldn’t make it about “Perkins.” Back then, I was not as sensitive a blogger as I am today. Today, I realize that I’m talking about real people. Today, I would never actually imply someone is psycho when they take a stab at packaging something “old” and calling it “new.”

(Bonus new rexblog word: “retrowag, retrowagging” — repackaged antique gossip, snark, or formerly new ideas. Used in a sentence: “There is alot about Web 2.0 that is retrowag,” said Rex who maintains the retrowag-filled rexblog.)

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