See, Flickr is like a blog

See, Flickr is like a blog: Yesterday, a reporter asked me why I use Flickr for sharing photos. As I explained why, I could have easily been explaining features found on a good blog-publishing platform: permalinks, comments, RSS feeds, linking to others, tags. And today, I’ve already said in a previous post that if you have a Flickr account, you are a publisher. Frankly, in many ways the Flickr platform is a wonderful blogging platform for the visual thinker/sharer. While I like to limit my “what he said, A-men” links to Dave Winer to one-per-day (granted, most days, I fail), I must once more today point to Dave and use this Flickr “photo” on Dave’s account to display just how “blog-like” the Flickr platform can be. One of my favorite RSS feeds is the one that delivers to my newsreader (that displays photos) a steady stream of images from wherever my “friends” (that’s the Flickr term) are posting them.

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  1. I have started using Flickr as a moblog. I regularly take random photos of the place I am or little random things I see and send them to flickr directly from the phone using picture mail.

    Did you know every flickr account has an email address?

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