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Superbowl advertising blogging: I’ve never done this before (usually, I’m interested in the game), but the assembled experts (photo to come soon) are judging anyway, so I decided to make it a “live” rexblog event. The reviews are in reverse, chronological order. (We don’t rate movie ads or ABC house spots unless they are exceptional.)

rexblog judges: The Clydesdale pony commercial was the best
spot of the night. Worst (tie): Diet Pepsi and Burger King.

For the record, the judges are
Steelers fans — specifically Jerome Bettis fans — and have decided
the game was better than the commercials.

Second Half

Westin Hotels: 5 – weak ad, but the judges like the no-smoking policy
Outback: 2 – the judges are falling asleep
Running Scared: 0 – the judges are getting tire
Nissan Xterra: 8 – the judges decided to give it a high score since it’s a Nashville company (update: local spot, apparently) 6 – the kids really loved it, wait a minute… (p.s.: if you mispell the domain,, it’s for sale.)
Honda Ridgeline: 7, definitely a male-female thing, the first ad to split by gender
Mastercard Macgyver: 7, the guys stuck in the 1980s loved it
Budweiser stadium cards: 5, the judges are getting testy: “they did it with a computer”
Fidelity Paul McCartney: no score, too old (like Paul)
Emerald Nut: 2 – however the 15-year-old “loves” those ads
Degree Deodorant: 7 – we’d score it higher if we could remember the product’s name
Sprint  Benny Hill: 6 – we’ve readjusted this score up after the booth reviewed the first call
Toyota Tocoma: 5 – appealed more to the important “youth” demographic
Slim Fast: no score – it’s judged “not a Superbowl ad”
Taco Bell: 3 – the judges need more to impress them, the longer the game goes, monkey/jackass: 4 – meanspirited
(Sorry, I missed the next commercial, the one with the hazmat suits, and no one can remember what is was for – so it gets a 0.)
Hummer H3: 2 – gross
Nationwide Fabio: 5 – even as a joke, we don’t want to see Fabio, says the judge
Budweiser Clydesdale pony: 10 – the parents among the judges insist
Sharpie: 6 – one judge says it’s goofy but it hits the giggle spot with another
Ameriquest: (airplane) 6 – although one judge scored it a 2
Disney “Im going to Disney World” practice: 8 – ahhh

Half Time

Addicted to Lost: no score, but I thought it was great
Nationwide: 5 – funny (or stupid, depending on which judge you ask)
Nissan Xtera: 2 – weak (update: local spot, apparently)
NFL Network: 8.5 – ahhhh.
Sprint “crime deterrent”: 5 – funny the first time you see it.

Second Quarter

Disney World: 4 – Those folks have an anniversary every year no score – judges don’t consider it technically a Super Bowl ad – tough group
Desperate Housewives: 8 – we’re not reviewing ABC house ads, but the judges like this
Gilette Fusion: 2 – It reminds us of an SNL parody ad
GoDaddy: 2 – What’s Godaddy? the judges ask. So much for all that controversy.
Michelob: 4 – predictable and misogynistic (tough crowd)
Ford Escape Hybrid: 5 – Nice use of Kermit, but still weak
Dove: 8.5 – how could we admit it if we didn’t like that? (although there was one 5.0 vote for not being funny) link love:
Cadallac Escalade: 5 – the car looks good (said by an Escalade owner) 5 – biggest spread, from cute to boring, say the judges
Mobile ESPN: 6 – a female judge says, “it’s sweet.”
Budweiser clydesdales and naked sheep: 8 – was there something Brokeback Mountain going on?
Panasonic Toughbook: no score – was that a Superbowl ad?
Diet Pepsi, Jackie Chan: 5 – the whole can thing is weak, but we like Jackie Chan

First Quarter

Lost ad: 10 – not really, personal privilege
Bud Lite rooftop: 7.5 – very funny
Ameriquest: 8 – doubt anyone will remember what it’s for, but it was very funny
Spock Alieve: 6
Diet Pepsi, singer: 2.5 – awful
V is for Vengence: we don’t rate movie ads – they’re all the same
FedEx Cavemen: 7 – the guy getting crushed at the end saved it.
Bud Lite – Grizzly Bear: 6 – amuzing
Toyota Hybrid: 5.5 – the kid was cute.
Magic Fridge: 7 – funny on both sides of the wall
Sierra Mist: 6 – funny, but just one joke that’s unsustainable
Whopperettes: 3.5 – dumb
Budweiser office: 5.5 – huh? give out a bunch of beers and everyone gets drunk?

General comments about the coverage:

Have Joe Namath and Suzy Kolber been on camera together? They’re both on the field. We want a reunion interview.

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  1. The “Addicted to Lost” ad gets a 9.5 from the Huggins voting panel. It’ll be hard to top that one…

  2. We haven’t had any xterra ads here in Central Florida, must be a local insert thing.

  3. Missed most of the game and the ads, but it was cool for this Stargate-1 fan to see MacGyver back in action. And the streaking sheep was funny (only had video on that, not audio).

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