I don’t blog about investing, but

I don’t blog about investing, but: I can’t help myself from linking to this story about Apple shedding $27 billion in market value during the past four weeks. I wanted to point to it to remind me one day of the following pull-quote:

Concerns also surround Apple’s ability to continue to produce hit products, as well as the seasonal slow-down in iPod sales. “All the good news is out. The easy money has been made,” said Robert Bacarella, manager of the Monetta Select Technology Fund. Mr. Bacarella sold two-thirds of his stake in Apple recently, Marketwatch reported.

And no, I’m not linking to that article to prove my belief that reporters write crazy stuff like “the seasonal slow-down in iPod sales” to explain something that has nothing to do with “seasonal slow-downs” (wouldn’t professional investors factor into their models something that is “seasonal”). Also, I have no idea whether or not the market is acting wisely in selling-off Apple. I don’t know whether or not it makes a lot of sense to head for the hills if you own AAPL.

However, one thing I know for certain. It may have no impact on their share-price or market cap, but this you can take to the bank: Apple has lots more products it will introduce that will be hits!

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Don’t say I never offered you something free

Don’t say I never offered you something free: If you know some small business people in the New York City area who would like the attend the day-long Small Business Technology Summit on Friday (February 10), let them know they can use the code “rex” and register free. I have just a few left.

By the way, Steve Rubel and I are on a panel together at the conference so I’ve promised not to reveal that Steve hired me to post fake comments on Micropersuasion. ; – )

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Decade-old Nashville murder case solved

Decade-old Nashville murder case solved Perhaps the highest-profile unsolved murder in Nashville’s recent history has apparently been solved. The accused murderer’s 78-year-old father has confessed that he aided his son, Perry March, a Nashville attorney, in his plot to kill his wife Janet, the attractive mother of two and daughter of a prominent attorney — a prominent attorney who had mentored and supported his son-in-law through Vanderbilt Law School. Most people in Nashville (at least most of the people I know) assumed the husband did it, but the victim’s body was never found. However, a few months ago the husband was extradited from Mexico and was indicted for the murder. Authorities have not, until today, indicated what caused the break in the case and the arrest. For ten-years, the murder has been standard fare for TV sweeps coverage, a re-telling of the sad tale packaged as something new or breaking, but never anything substantive. Even the networks, 48 Hours, for example, have covered it for years. I do not know personally any of the individuals directly involved in this sad story, but Nashvillians has lived with this for a long time. Although it’s apparently solved, it’s no less tragic or sad.

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Headline of the day

Headline of the day: “SHOCKER: OPRAH PREGNANT WITH JAMES FREY’S BABY! And Bonnie Fuller Lectures the Society of Professional Journalists!”

(From a column by Simon Dumenco in AdAge – if you can’t get through the free-subscription login, here’s the money quote: “Can’t we just admit, finally, once and for all, that Bonnie Fuller certainly does something compelling and entertaining, but it is not, for the most part, journalism? Her publications, after all, routinely rely on “sources” that again and again prove to be … shall we say, wrong?”)

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