Decade-old Nashville murder case solved

Decade-old Nashville murder case solved Perhaps the highest-profile unsolved murder in Nashville’s recent history has apparently been solved. The accused murderer’s 78-year-old father has confessed that he aided his son, Perry March, a Nashville attorney, in his plot to kill his wife Janet, the attractive mother of two and daughter of a prominent attorney — a prominent attorney who had mentored and supported his son-in-law through Vanderbilt Law School. Most people in Nashville (at least most of the people I know) assumed the husband did it, but the victim’s body was never found. However, a few months ago the husband was extradited from Mexico and was indicted for the murder. Authorities have not, until today, indicated what caused the break in the case and the arrest. For ten-years, the murder has been standard fare for TV sweeps coverage, a re-telling of the sad tale packaged as something new or breaking, but never anything substantive. Even the networks, 48 Hours, for example, have covered it for years. I do not know personally any of the individuals directly involved in this sad story, but Nashvillians has lived with this for a long time. Although it’s apparently solved, it’s no less tragic or sad.

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3 thoughts on “Decade-old Nashville murder case solved

  1. This is very surprising. A father giving up his son like that. I mean give up yourself on the attempted contract killing of the in-laws but dropping the dime on your son for murder? That just rubs me wrong.

  2. It does make you wonder about the old man’s mental state and credibility, doesn’t it? And if the body continues to be missing…

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