I don’t blog about investing, but

I don’t blog about investing, but: I can’t help myself from linking to this story about Apple shedding $27 billion in market value during the past four weeks. I wanted to point to it to remind me one day of the following pull-quote:

Concerns also surround Apple’s ability to continue to produce hit products, as well as the seasonal slow-down in iPod sales. “All the good news is out. The easy money has been made,” said Robert Bacarella, manager of the Monetta Select Technology Fund. Mr. Bacarella sold two-thirds of his stake in Apple recently, Marketwatch reported.

And no, I’m not linking to that article to prove my belief that reporters write crazy stuff like “the seasonal slow-down in iPod sales” to explain something that has nothing to do with “seasonal slow-downs” (wouldn’t professional investors factor into their models something that is “seasonal”). Also, I have no idea whether or not the market is acting wisely in selling-off Apple. I don’t know whether or not it makes a lot of sense to head for the hills if you own AAPL.

However, one thing I know for certain. It may have no impact on their share-price or market cap, but this you can take to the bank: Apple has lots more products it will introduce that will be hits!

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