How James Frey blew it

How James Frey blew it: My fellow member of the rex-rex brotherhood, Rex Sorgatz, has a brilliant essay on a topic I was hoping would go away forever:

James Frey blew it. Or rather, James Frey blew it twice. First, he blew it by writing a mediocre fictional tale and passing it off as the truth. But then, he blew it again by posturing as guilty and sorrowful and repentant and worst of all — tedious.

Here me out.

Do you remember how Jason Blair handled his succès de scandale? Bold, without regret. How about the author of Sokal Text? With absolute glee. Sure, these are different scenarios (Blair was trapped; Sokal’s entire plan was to expose the academic publishing as fraudulent), but they open a glimpse into a radical alternate history, one in which James Frey had scoffed at Oprah’s wimpy “embarrassment” and laughed this in her face:

“Ha, ha, gotchya sucka.”


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