The price of Demo’ing

The price of Demo’ing: One of the most pointed to posts on this weblog is this one from last year about this time, when I said, “The reason you’ve heard of podcasting is because no one first ‘demo’d’ it at a conference and no corporate marketers were involved.” I was referring to a conference that once again is taking place now and that Mike Arrington is covering.


“70 companies gather at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona to compete head on for our attention. $15,000 buys you 5 minutes in front of 700 people.”

I hadn’t heard that $15,000 price-tag for Demo’ing before. According to the Demo website, the price is going up to $18,500 for the next one. Is it worth it? I guess you need to take a look at the list of past Demo’ing companies. How many of the products got funding? How many of the products are still around?

Speaking of Michael’s round-up. I actually use one of the online things that Michael reports on today. I’ve been using Kaboodle consistently since last October — and I think I’ve mentioned it on the rexblog before (sorry, I can’t link back now, as I’m watching the Duke-UNC basketball game and while I can type and watch TV at the same time, I can’t watch TV and Google simultaneously). On one level, Kaboodle is a bookmarking service. However, it has an attractive user interface and offers a compelling way to organize and present links to websites. I use it to record “hacks” I run across and want to remember. I mainly do it for myself — I just noticed that I haven’t even added it to my “related weblogs” blogroll — not as a “networking” activity. But today, they added the “tell about yourself” feature. If they offered a “pro” version (without ads), I’d probably opt for it.

I still prefer as a link blog and am a big fan of the hacks one can do with a RSS feed, but my eyes have been opened by Kaboodle to how compelling a nicely presented and organized and labeled list of links can be.

Disclosure: I don’t know anyone at Kaboodle and, frankly, I can’t remember why I ever set up the account. I hope they got their $15,000-worth today.

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  1. I was with Kosmix, one of the 70 companies at Demo this year. There’s a lot of value in attending Demo: 1) All of the major press people are there and it’s a rare opportunity for small companies to get in front of them 2) A ton of VCs go 3) You’re guaranteed at least minimal press and 4) You get to network with other companies that might be potential partners (there’s also 5) You get to meet many like-minded entrepreneurs).

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