Google is auctioning magazine ads

Google is auctioning magazine ads: Here. Quote: “In this test, the control is in your hands: you choose the ad size, set your price, and decide how you’d like to use the space. There’s no risk to you – you pay only if you win the auction.”

As I’ve said over-and-over, the Google business model (as it relates to Adsense ads running on non-Google properties) is the advertising sales representation (agent) model, or, in this case, broker. Also, the concept of auctioning media time and space online is not new — it has been around since the early days of the web — heck, Rocketboom is auctioning ads on eBay now. However, Google entering this “space” changes everything. I like this very much. I have a couple of magazines I’d like to add to their test.

See also: From MediaPost a couple of weeks ago: “Perennially in search of a better
market structure for trading media time and space, the ad industry has
been courted by Enron,, and even Google. On Tuesday,
some of the nation’s biggest advertisers got a pitch from a surprise
media buying “solutions provider”–online auction service eBay.

(via: John Battelle)

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