Blogs are not a medium, they’re a small

Blogs are not a medium, they’re a small: This New York Magazine story pits “A list” bloggers against the rest of the pack and rehashes the “haves” and “haves not” debate — throwing in some “power curve” mumbo-jumbo to make it sound as if it actually means something.

Here’s my 2¢:

A blog is merely a seat at the table. If you don’t have a blog, whether your audience is one or ten or ten thousand, you don’t have a voice in the conversation.

I’ve tried to say this many ways over the years. Perhaps the best was when I said that some paintings end up at the Louvre and others end up on the front of refrigerators. It’s missing the point to say, unless my child’s painting ends up on the Louvre, it’s not worth her hassle.

As for “blogs as successful business ventures,” I suggest a re-reading of the book The Millionaire Next Door, that reveals that most “wealthy” people in America don’t fit into the cliché of what culture suggests the rich “look like.” (Think the plumber who drives a three-year old pick-up truck, not the software entrepreneur driving a Lexus.)

“Successful” blogs are like that: not about being a rock star, but having an platform from which to engage in a conversation.