Here’s help: improve the product first

Here’s help: improve the product first: Via Rafat Ali (, I just saw this story announcing that the Newspaper Association of America is going to launch an advertising campaign it claims is worth “$50 million” to show advertisers the value of newspapers. (Here is the campaign website.)  “The campaign addresses how readers are engaged with not just the core product but with Web sites, niche publications, and even podcasts,” says Editor & Publisher. (However, the NAA press release definitely focuses on the ink-on-paper message.)

At least this campaign does not start at the point the consumer magazine trade group, Magazine Publishers Association, began: a 100% defense of print. Granted, it’s a bit difficult to be a news”paper” and not be defined as being a “print” medium, but defending “paper” is not a winning strategy for the MPA or the NAA.

(Disclosure: I’m not a member of MPA or NAA, but am very active in the century-old business-to-business media association ABM, which several years ago (I’m proud to say I was on the board when this happened) changed its name from American Business Press to American Business Media. At the same time, the organization adopted the position statement: In print, Online, In person. Today, less that 40% of the revenues of members of American Business Media comes from advertising appearing on the printed page. That said, I am a staunch advocate that magazine advertising can be — for the right advertisers for the right strategies in the right magazines — the most effective advertising media available.)

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