Consumer magazines total circulation grows

Consumer-magazines total circulation grow: (From the NY Times) “Overall circulation of magazines was positive in the second half of 2005 compared with the similar period of 2004, according to publishers’ figures released (Monday) by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.”

The article includes a rather curious parenthetical quote. After a few sentences regarding the circulation of O: The Oprah Magazine falling 9.2% in the final six months of 2005, the NY Times reporter (or editor) see a need to insert the following:

“(The drop was unrelated to Ms. Winfrey’s confrontation on her television show in January with the author James Frey.)”

If the reporter/editor saw the need for that explanation, I wonder why they didn’t go on to explain other unrelated reasons, like: The drop was unrelated to Ms. Winfrey’s appearance on David Letterman or that whacky interview she had with Tom Cruise. It was also unrelated to the XM deal she signed last week or the interview she had with Bill Gates where some students couldn’t ask questions.

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