This is a test

This is a test: Of the Google “page creator” app: rexblog rextra page. Dave Winer says Google “seems to be back in the mid-90s, re-discovering Geocities.” I agree (however there are a lot of people I know who are back there, as well. Maybe they’ll like it.) I think Google is trying to offer something to people who want a place to put items on the web, but don’t want to “blog” — as in “update” it. Where does this fit with Blogger and Google base? Maybe they’re just different metaphors and front ends for the same thing? Whatever it takes to get people to share. Although, for me, Google pages is (are?) lame. I’ll keep playing with it like I do with MySpace, LJ, etc., however.

Update: Search Engine Watch analysis.

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  1. it’s already giving the same message google stats gave where they claim to be overloaded due to their wild success. with the stats all you had to do was look at the source code of the page and find the hidden submission part and you could still sign up. not sure if that’s the case here or not.

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