Olympic observations

Olympic observations: I haven’t tried to avoid watching the Olympics — I’ve avoided them effortlessly. As this is the first time I’ve viewed the Olympics in the age of DVR (at least in my home), I discovered that I’m watching so much less of “the games.” And what I am watching, reminds me why I only watch these sports once every four years: it takes me that long to remember how few of them I actually enjoy watching. Other observations:

Scott Adams: “I think if I spent my entire life preparing for the Olympics, at the expense of developing any marketable job skills, and then because of a shoelace failure I took a digger on live TV and came in last, no curse words would be sufficient….That’s why I think cursing should be an Olympic sport.”

Frank Deford (NPR): The Winter Olympics is the “Miss America” of sports. (As in, “it’s run its course and seems headed for cable.”)

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