Bose vs. Apple

Bose vs. Apple: Wonder what those Bose folks are thinking about Apple iPod Hi-Fi? FYI: Bose Sound Dock – $299 (I have one at home and it has a great sound), Apple iPod Hi-Fi – $349. Several other competitors exist from Altec Lansing and others. In fact, I’ve found sub-$100 powered speakers (with sub-woofer) from Altec Lansing pump out a decent small-room-filling sound from an iPod in my office and two dorm-rooms I’m familiar with. (However, knowing my weaknesses, I predict there’s an iPod Hi-Fi in my future.)

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2 thoughts on “Bose vs. Apple

  1. I’m sure Bose sees the Apple speaker as exactly what it is: a mediocre product considering the price.

    I’m a big Apple fan – but this thing was a complete let down.

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