The weasles at Nashville’s WSMV-TV

The weasles at Nashville’s WSMV-TV: Displaying all the management skills of Dunder-Mifflin’s Michael Scott, the folks in charge of Nashville’s NBC affiliate have decided to preempt tonight’s episode of The Office so they can air a program called “American Baby Casting Call.” However, they will air tonight’s episode of the Office at 1:35 a.m. so fire up your TiVos.

What’s the story here? I’m guessing a “viewer complaint” has spooked the station’s management. Weasles.

By the way, Office fans, Dwight Schrute, in addition to his blog, now has a MySpace account to share sales tips.

Later: Before the Olympics, the ratings of The Office had been climbing (the network says the increase came after the show became available for download on iTunes). During the Olympics, The Office was one of the most heavily promoted NBC shows, representing tens (perhaps hundreds) of thousands of dollars in WSMV advertising airtime (and millions by the network). Therefore, the station’s management is, in effect, flushing any of the Olympics’ “halo” effect of those promotional spots by sending the show to viewer Siberia.

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  1. AAHHHH! I need to get bloglines or something. I had no idea! I was all set to watch Earl and The Office tonight because I thought I recorded it last night. I HATE WSMV!

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