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Tennessee pride:   Reese Witherspoon made the hometown crowd proud tonight when she won the Oscar for best actress for portraying June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. A very deserving winner and classy acceptance speech. I can’t recall another Nashville-native ever winning in a major category.

And a Memphis rap group won the Oscar for a song from Hustle & Flow, a movie set in Memphis I blogged last year. Perhaps not the greatest acceptance speech ever, but certainly one of the most memorable. And while it may come as a shock for those who know my musical tastes (more Dolly than 36 Mafia), as I saw the movie Hustle & Flow and understand the importance of the song in film, I think it was the correct choice.

Update: Big surprise about Crash winning the Oscar for the best film. I’m surprised because it’s perhaps the first time I’ve ever seen a winner in that category twice before it won. I didn’t recommend it when I saw it as it’s not an easy or enjoyable film to watch. After seeing it the second time, I decided it was a much better crafted film than I first thought — and there are certain things about it that are brilliant —  but still, it’s rather heavy-handedly didactic (or is that heavily-handed?).

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  1. Claude Jarman, Jr. won a “miniature” Oscar for “The Yearling.” That’s what they used to give children who made great performances. Whenever they have past Oscar winners on the show (every several years) he’s usually there.

  2. Perhaps you’re right about the context of that song, but I really think that the pimp song is just awful. Even as a native Memphian, I was pulling for Dolly–but because it’s a better song. I think she was robbed. But their speech was priceless, despite the fact that they should have thanked the director and didn’t.

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